Vision Statement - Online Learning
To prepare Connecticut students for 21st century citizenship in a world where technology literacy is fundamental to lifelong learning. To be a clearinghouse and support system for our districts by providing cost effective choices for new instructional models that align with their student learning needs in a virtual environment where flexibility and rigor live together. To provide a range of student learning opportunities from credit recovery to advanced placement. To assist districts in making full use of the CEN to promote online learning for Pre-K-12 students, teachers, administrators, school staff and families. To prepare master teachers through professional development for successful instruction of student learning in a virtual environment through lessons/courses that promote mastery of state and national curriculum standards.
The Connectiut RESC Alliance is committed to providing professional development, resources an support to all our schools in Connecticut. This site will provide varied resources for educators on this topic.

RESC Alliance Online Learning Partners - Discounted pricing for online courses
Academy for Virtual Learning

Virtual High School - Massachusetts

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